Teaching Business English (TBE)
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We at BIC are proud to present the following information regarding a new special TEFL/TESOL Certificate Course. You may earn a certificate in Teaching Business English. This means that you will be highly qualified to teach business English, one of the most sought after positions in EFL teaching. Since English has become the lingua franca of the global business world, businessmen as well as support staff working in business, such as junior executives, secretaries and receptionists, have found a need to learn business English for obvious reasons.
Companies training their employees need trainers with specific skills to help them achieve their goals, and they want results. They expect their TBE trainers to be fully qualified to teach. The BIC Teaching Business English Course includes modules on all specific skill areas that a successful business English teacher needs to know in order to teach effectively. BIC's certificate in Teaching Business English guarantees being welcome from individuals wishing to study one on one as well as corporate clients.
The content of our course is practical in nature and includes practical teaching ideas and material you will be able to use in your Business English classes. During the program you will shadow experienced teachers. You will be able to ask questions, share concerns and receive feedback after class. Helping you to understand and meet the needs and preferences of your students is one of the main of our Teaching Business English course. Teaching English to company employees requires different approaches, skills and knowledge. Business English learners are usually part of smaller groups and have specific needs relating to the business environment they live in.
After completing the Teaching Business English course you will know how to approach teaching in companies and professionals. In order to receive your certificate you will have to compete all tasks to a satisfactory level.
Our Teaching Business English TBE course is not an initial TEFL/TESOL qualification, participants should already hold a TEFL/TESOL certificate. The course should be a minimum of 120 hours with a minimum of 6 observed teaching practices.
If you have not been in a business environment previously, don't worry. While this may be an advantage, it is by no means a requirement, as a matter of fact most people we train do not come from a business background.
The pay scale is higher, which is a great motivator for TEFL/TESOL certificate graduates. So, read on, get all the information, then, contact BIC. Remember, getting a higher rate of pay means you do not have to work so many hours to earn the money you want.
Britannia International College uses the communicative approach for its teaching. Remember, basically, you are teaching a foreign language for a specific purpose. Thus, you will be utilizing role-play, business simulation practices games and other communicative activities to enhance the learning of the target language related to business English.
Take this course if you:
A- are aged 23 or over
B- are Intermediate to Advanced level
C- want to learn the language of business
D- want to improve your career
E- enjoy working in small groups with qualified and experienced teachers

Business English Mini Group course is designed to help you make maximum progress in a short time. You will study in a small class of just six international students.
The aim of this course is to focus on the professionals skills you need for international business communication. This course includes:

A- Telephone English
B- The language of business meetings
C- Making presentations
D- Team work
E- Critical thinking and problem solving
F- Conducting negotiations
G- Problem solving
H- Writing professional reports, emails and letters

When you arrive, you will discuss with your teacher what you want to learn about in class. Your teacher will then plan a programme that covers these topics.
On your course you will meet other business students from different nationalities. This is a great chance for you to learn about foreign business cultures and possibly make some useful business contacts.
 A . General English
B . The TEFL Certificate Course
C . Teaching Business English (TBE)
D . Teaching English to Young Learners (TEYL)
F . Exams Preparation Courses
G . Teacher Training
H . IT  Training Programs
I . Soft skills
E . English for Specific Purposes