Teaching English to Young Learners (TEYL)
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The BIC is also providing the Teaching English to Young Learners course, also well known as TEYL course.
Basic Syllabus :-
  1. Why learning business English is important
  2. How to assess needs and preferences
  3. How to design a course
  4. How to select and develop materials for your course
  5. How to teach business writing skills
  6. How to teach business writing skills
  7. How to teach business English via the Internet
  8. How to include cross cultural training
  9. Assessing and Evaluating.
Course Syllabus :-
1. Language learning and language acquisition for children.
2. How do children learn English.
3. Understanding course materials.
4. Choosing materials.
5. Presenting and practicing language with children.
6. Teaching Listening.
7. Teaching Speaking.
8. Teaching reading.
9. Teaching writing.
10. Getting to know your class.
11. Classroom language.
12. Working with English sounds.
13. Working with English words.
14. Class Management.
15. Discipline.
  1. Lesson Planning
17. Making your own resources.
18. Projects.
19. Stories, plays, songs, rhymes.
20. Correction techniques.
21. Evaluation techniques.
22. Socio-cultural themes.
23. Learning strategies.
The majority of TEFL courses focus on teaching adults. This results in TEFL certificate holders who would like to teach children finding themselves without the necessary skills and ability to be able to teach Young Learners effectively.
The art of Teaching English to Young Learners is a specific skill which needs specific training to be performed effectively.
The BIC TEYL course aims at providing recently graduated EFL teachers or practicing teachers with the necessary skill, confidence and ability to be able to teach Young Learners to maximum effect.
The BIC TEYL course provides a solid foundation in the methodology behind teaching YL. This foundation is consolidated with a combination of classroom observations and observed teaching practices.
With an increasing demand for TEYL certificate holders around the world, completing the course will give you the additional skills and qualification to Teach English to Young Learners anywhere in the world.
The course is open to qualified EFL teachers and those with previous teaching experience but no formal TEFL qualification. The course is also open to non native speakers of English who have reached a proficient command of the English language.
 A . General English
B . The TEFL Certificate Course
C . Teaching Business English (TBE)
D . Teaching English to Young Learners (TEYL)
F . Exams Preparation Courses
G . Teacher Training
H . IT  Training Programs
I . Soft skills
E . English for Specific Purposes