D.Training Administration
                                            Design by Puncher Group
Administering training for a large workforce is complex and time-consuming. We help you improve efficiency, control costs and automate processes involved in the administration of training. This could be on an ongoing basis or for a specific programme.
We Offer
Our unique Live Booker technology and a team of experienced training professionals.
You Get
Access to skilled learning advisors to help with advice on learning paths, certification tracks and any unusual learning and development requests.
Online catalogue, containing all of your learning interventions from all your suppliers, including your own in-house events, with search facility.
Automated booking, including customized payments and authorization to match your business process.
Automated invitations: invaluable for coordinating the booking of large numbers of staff onto a schedule of events as part of a managed training programmer (such as graduate inductions or change programmers).
Automated post-course evaluations: on completion of the learning, evaluations are automatically triggered, based on the delegate and course information captured during the booking process.
Benefits to you
Drastic reduction in the costs associated with finding the right learning and making bookings.
Staff and line managers are more able to make informed decisions about which course, e-learning, or open learning to choose. This in turn leads to more targeted learning, happier learners and more efficient L&D spend.
Greater control over L&D spend. High integrity management intelligence about which courses, which suppliers, which departments are placing bookings.
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