I. Needs Analysis
                                            Design by Puncher Group
The most important aspect of any training programmer is its context, and we recognize that the best understanding of the context of your learning requirement lies within your organization.
The BIC has a team of highly skilled and experienced training needs analysts who provide a blueprint for the design and delivery phase of programmers by exploring and documenting:
The business drivers behind your programmer.
The expectations of the stakeholders.
Gaps between current and desired levels of performance.
The required outcomes and means of measuring achievement.
Financial and timescale considerations.
Where the subject-matter expertise lies.
How your culture and infrastructure might influence the programmer.
The learning preferences of the target audience.
How the programmer links to internal competencies.
How the programmer can be externally accredited or contribute towards national qualifications.
The training needs analysis will provide recommendations based on the finding from this research. These include:
The learning objectives, which can vary from role to role.
The most appropriate media for delivering every element of the programmer.

Learner support requirements.
For many organizations e-Learning still represents untried and unproven modes of learning. At The BIC we have many years' experience of introducing new learning technologies. Our expertise will help you identify and adopt new, more effective, ways of learning from online self-study to Web 2.0 and beyond.
The training needs analysis will establish and recommend how best to combine multiple modes of learning. For example, The BIC worked closely with the International Institute for Education Leadership to define a suitable blend of modes of learning for the Certificate of School Business Management programmer. The final programmer contained seven different modes of learning, each of which was rated as 'very useful' or 'useful' by a significant majority of students.
Introducing New Modes of Learning
The BIC can offer experienced HR consultants to work with your business to:
Identify the performance barriers.
Identify performance needs (including training) of staff.
Recommend solutions involving communication, training, processes, learning enablers and infrastructure where appropriate.
Outline appropriate solution delivery methods, media and content making use of existing resources and learning interventions.
Outline design, development and implementation proposals to interface with broader talent management initiatives.
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