C. Evaluation
                                            Design by Puncher Group
More and more organizations are wanting to evaluate the impact of learning and development on their business, as well as to monitor and improve the quality of the learning they provide. Our standard evaluation approach is very quick to deploy, and our learning consultants can devise a tailored evaluation approach to meet your needs.
We evaluate all our training.
Methodology (informed by Kirkpatrick, Phillips and Brinkerhoff) to guide and inform your evaluation strategy.
Automated Kirkpatrick Level 1 and 3 evaluations online as standard, for all learning activity, regardless of where, when and with whom the training was delivered.
Learning consultants, experienced in devising and delivering evaluation strategies.
We Offer
Reaction (Kirkpatrick level 1) feedback from all your training.
Learning Outcomes (loosely maps to Kirkpatrick levels 3-4) feedback from all your training.
Fast and efficient evaluation service, delivering the evaluation information you need.
You Get
The ability to:
o monitor the satisfaction levels for learning delivery,
o assess the transfer of learning to the workplace and the extent to which line managers support this process and
o assess the impact of learning on individual performance.

Evaluations are automated, delivering high value information at minimal cost.

The potential to gather evaluation data where it is prohibitively expensive using paper-based evaluation techniques.
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