H. Partner Management
                                            Design by Puncher Group
The BIC aims to dramatically reduce your workload while providing you with best possible pricing on the widest possible selection of courses. We achieve this by taking the following tasks off your hands:
Supplier quality control - Our service will gather detailed data that will allow us to illustrate how your learners rate the courses of specific suppliers.
Setting up new suppliers - Vetting new suppliers, agreeing terms and conditions and signing contracts can be extremely time consuming. The BIC manages a ever-expanding partnership network of training suppliers. If there are training providers that meet your learning needs better that those already in our network, then we will add them to our network on your behalf.
Consolidated invoicing - clients purchasing large volumes of training from us take advantage of a single consolidated invoice service. For each charging period you receive one itemized invoice from us. If you are processing 100 training invoices a month, this alone could save almost 90,000 a year, according to figures published by the CIPS*.
Negotiating rates - We buy millions of pounds worth of courses from our partner suppliers every year. This buying power means that we negotiate excellent rates, and pass the savings onto you.
Researching venues/courses/trainers - All of these time-consuming jobs can be outsourced to us. We have no sole supplier agreements constricting us, meaning 100% independence and flexibility to be able to successfully source and meet your requirements.

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