J. Strategic Learning Diagnostic
                                            Design by Puncher Group
The BIC 'Strategic Learning Diagnostic' offers an independent and confidential assessment of the efficiency and effectiveness of your organization’s learning operation. It benchmarks the results against best practice. Aimed particularly at large organizations, the audit is undertaken on-site by a The BIC learning strategist, as either a one-day 'essential' or a two-day 'comprehensive' assignment.
The BIC uses its proprietary to collect and analyze key training metrics. This model has evolved out of K The BIC long experience of delivering managed learning services to large organizations. The results are benchmarked against best practice, as defined by government statistics, leading training bodies and The BIC s own research.
The strategic learning diagnostic allows you to:
•understand the strengths and weaknesses of your L&D operation
•benchmark your performance against independent measures
•identify areas for realistic cost savings, and the size of those savings
•identify and priorities an action plan for improvements to the L&D operation
Sample Outcomes
•Using Knowledge Pool’s Continuous Improvement Model, the following recommendations have been made:
•We showed an international insurance organization how they could reduce their total cost of learning by 38%.
•We demonstrated to an IT company how 40% of their training administration workload was attributable to avoidable rework.
•Using our model we formulated a plan for a major financial institution which would increase their fill rates for closed training events by 20% and reduce third party costs by £400k. We are now delivering those savings through a managed service arrangement.
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